How to Defragment Your Hard Drive

Over time, your hard drive will become fragmented, which can slow your computer down. Most systems will automatically defragment your hard drive regularly (once a week by default), but if you need to do it manually, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Click the Start Menu, type “optimize”, and click the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” option that appears.
  2. Select your hard drive and click “analyze.”
  3. If the drive is fragmented, click the “optimize” button to defragment it.
  4. The process will take a while — Once it’s done, the drive should say it is 0% fragmented, and you will be finished.
  5. You can select “Change settings” if you would like to change the frequency that your hard drive is automatically defragmented.
This is where you find the Defragmentation tool.
This is where you can select your hard drive, then click to analyze and optimize it.
You can change how frequently your hard drive is automatically defragmented by clicking “change settings”.

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