How to Create a new Managed Disk in Azure from a Snapshot

After you have taken a snapshot of a virtual machine in Azure, you will have to create a managed disk from the snapshot in order to attach it and use it in a new virtual machine.

1. First, search for and click on “disks” in the Azure search bar:

2. Next, click “Add”:

3. Make sure you select the correct resource group for your subscription. For the ‘source type’ field, we will need to specify the source as a snapshot. In the following ‘source snapshot’ field, we will then need to select the snapshot that we wish to create a disk from.

4. For my particular subscription, I am required to use the standard HDD account type for the ‘size’ setting, so make sure to click ‘change size’ here and do the same if your subscription also requires the same, otherwise your validation will fail in the next step. Click “Review + create” when you are finished, or click “Next : Tags” if you need to tag this new disk.

Steps 3 and 4 are both seen in the above image

5. A validation test will be ran, and if your validation passed, you can now click ‘create’ to finish creating your new managed disk. If validation failed, you will need to go back and correct the settings that caused it to fail.

6. You will be notified that the deployment of this new disk is in progress, and it will take a few minutes for this to finish. Once it is finished, you will receive another notification stating that the deployment has succeeded and can be viewed.

Creating a Snapshot in Microsoft Azure

  1. Go to ‘Resource Groups’ under Azure services:

2. Select your resource group:

3. Click on the name of the disk that you would like to create a snapshot of:

4. Click “Create Snapshot”:

5. Make sure the correct resource group is selected, name your snapshot, and select the appropriate account type. For my specific Azure account, I am only authorized to use the standard HDD setting. If I were to set it to premium SSD, the validation for this snapshot would fail — so it is very important to be aware of what your organization will allow you to use.

6. If you chose the appropriate settings and completed all the necessary fields, you will be notified that validation of your settings has passed. If it did not pass, you will need to go back and edit your settings. If validation was successful, simply click ‘create’ to create your new snapshot.

7. Once you click create, it will take a few minutes for the snapshot to be created, but Azure will notify you that the deployment is in progress and will notify you again when the snapshot deployment finishes successfully.